Yancey's Sugarbush

Yancey's Sugarbush

7981 Long Pond Road
Croghan, NY 13327-2508
Haskell Yancey, Jr
(315) 346-6356
Yancey's Sugarbush is a 5500 tap ( mostly buckets ) operation. It has been in continuous operation since 1844 in the same location by five generations of the Yancey family. Since the early days, we have promoted the growth of maple trees to produce sap. As a result some trees are over 250 years old. The last 2 years, some supersweet, fast growing trees have been planted as well. Traditional methods of making syrup are still being used, with 2 teams of horses pulling the sleighs or wagons to gather the sap. Two large wood-fired evaporators boil the sap into syrup that is packaged fresh. Maple cream, sugarcakes, and granulated sugar are also available. Visitors are welcome throughout the spring maple season.
March 28
March 29
Yancey's SugarBush
catch us if you can
We will host tours for schools and groups
Pure Maple Syrup,maple sugar cakes,maple cream and granulated maple sugar
  • Maple Syrup
  • Maple Granulated Sugar
  • Maple Molded Sugar
  • Maple Cream

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