NYS Maple Weekend
March 18-19 & 25-26, 2017

What is Maple Weekend?

Maple Weekend is an invitation to discover the flavors and traditions involved in making maple syrup in New York. Every spring, the New York State Maple Producers Association invites families into their "sugar houses" to learn all about the production of maple syrup and other maple products.

Visitors to Maple Weekend can:

TASTE a pure and natural food product at its freshest and in its many forms.
LEARN  how maple syrup and other maple confections are made.
EXPERIENCE the unique family traditions of making maple syrup in New York State.
CELEBRATE New York's first agricultural harvest of the season in a family-friendly environment.
MEET the producers who annually make New York the second largest maple producing state in the U.S.
SHARE in the many ways to cook and bake with maple syrup, maple sap and other maple drinks and products.
WITNESS sustainable agriculture at its best.
"Maple Weekend is a chance to cure cabin fever by getting out into the woods in the spring with family and friends to celebrate the first visual evidence that another long New York winter has come to an end. "  Angela Swan, NYS Maple Weekend Coordinator

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Maple Weekend


Plan Your Maple Weekend

Don't miss out on Maple Weekend fun. With activities for the entire family, Maple Weekend will quickly become a family Tradition.

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