Insist on New York Pure Maple

2017 Cornell Maple Camp

September 13-16, 2017

Cornell University’s Arnot Teaching and Research Forest
611 County Road 13, Van Etten (Cayuta), NY


Provide beginner and less experienced maple producers with focused, hands-on, intensive training to help them produce maple products with greater efficiency and profitability.

Provide anyone who wishes to become a maple producer or those with some experience, but seeking to expand their production, products, marketing and profitability through focused and hands-on intensive training that helps them produce maple products with greater efficiency and profitability.

As a result of the workshop, participants will develop the following skills and outcomes:

  1. Measure and describe their sugarbush for improved tree growth, health and productivity.
  2. Plan, install, and test a tubing system that matches topography and other components of a maple operation.
  3. Plan and assemble a processing system, including sap storage, reverse osmosis, evaporator operations, filtering and syrup storage.
  4. Learn best practices for sugarbush management, including which trees to retain and which trees to cut, understand principles of forest dynamics and appreciate the value of directional felling and low impact tree harvesting.
  5. Understand the principles for marketing of syrup and value added products to optimize profitability.
  6. Be able to analyze your own maple enterprise and develop good business management skills.
  7. Become familiar with strategies and options to lease sugarbushes and purchase sap for processing.

Sample Agenda Overview (based on the program in previous years, schedule may be rearranged to match weather conditions) ​

Wednesday, September 13​

5:00 PM  
  • Dinner - Welcome, introduction and program overview 
  • Sugarbush measurements – scale stick and evaluate tree quality (sugarbush) 
  • Sugarbush sampling – understanding tally sheets (inside) 
8:00 PM
  • Maple sugar and cotton (inside) 
  • Thursday, September 14 
Thursday, September 14
8:00 AM     
  • Sugarbush sampling and data collection (sugarbush) 
  • Inspect tubing systems (sugarbush) 
  • Install mainline extension with laterals (sugarbush) 
  • Felling demonstration, low impact harvesting (woods) 
  • Analyze sugarbush tree data (inside) 
  • Reverse osmosis and evaporator systems (sugarhouse, hands-on) 
  • Sap processing and energy options (inside) 
  • Syrup filtering, storing and grading (inside) 

7:00 PM   
  • Making maple candy (inside) 
Friday, September 15

8:00 AM     
  • Enterprise evaluation and management (inside) 
  • Tapping, taphole sanitation, vacuum, and bucket management (outside) 
  • Continue tubing system installation (outside)
  • Marketing syrup and value added products ( Inside) 
  • Tour local producers’ sugarhouses

6:30 PM   
  • Maple marketing (inside) 
Saturday, September 16 

8:00 AM
  • Leasing woods and buying sap (inside) 
  • Planning a tubing system and cost evaluation (inside) 
  • Pricing Your Products for Profitability (inside) 
  • Evaluation (inside) 
12:00 PM    
  • Lunch and Depart

2017 Maple Camp Registration:

Registration includes lunch and supper (Wednesday supper through Saturday lunch) and handouts and materials. 

Cost is $225 per person.

No housing is available at the Arnot Forest. Participants must arrange for their own overnight accomodations and breakfasts. Information on local hotels and camp grounds can be provided upon request.This training is sponsored by the Cornell Maple Program.