Roxbury Mountain Maple

750 Roxbury Mountain Road
Hobart, NY 13788
County: Delaware

Contact Info:

Name: Dave Holscher
Phone: (607) 538-1500 or
Fax: (607) 538-1500
Facebook: Roxbury-Mountain-Maple

Will Schedule School or Group Tours

Participates in Farm Market Shows

Participates in Maple Weekend
Enjoy free samples and see the largest maple operations in the Catskills.

March 18
March 19
March 25
March 26

OUR HOURS ARE 12 NOON TO 6PM ALL DAYS! Come join us and bring the kids as we love the exuberance of discovery. We have eight children of our own, all involved in the operation. Tour our brand new sugar house with its blend of old and new as we expand to21,000 taps and 200 miles of pipeline. Free hot drinks and pastry are available as you watch demonstrations of syrup, candy, maple cream and granulated maple sugar making. There will be plenty of samples to go around and there is nothing like warm syrupright out of our 5 by 16 ft. evaporator. An added benefit are the farm animals. Last year we had goat kids born that needed bottle feeding. By the way, did we mention THE VIEW! One of the most beautiful locations in upstate New York.

Pancake Breakfast Dates: March 18, 19, 25, 26 12am - 4pm

Pancake Breakfast Menu: Fork in Road truck offering pancakes with organic maple syrup, bacon, sausage, coffee, herbal tea, breakfast croissant

Pancake Breakfast Prices: $3.50 - $7.50

Offers the following products:

Maple Syrup

Maple Granulated Sugar

Maple Sugar Shapes

Maple Cream

Maple Cotton

Maple Popcorn

Other Retail Products: Maple BBQ, salad dressing, peanut brittle, maple confections, granola

Bulk and Wholesale Products

Bulk Syrup

Wholesale Maple Syrup

Wholesale Maple Granulated Sugar

Wholesale Maple Sugar Shapes

Wholesale Maple Cream

Wholesale Maple Popcorn

Wholesale Maple Cotton

Other Wholesale Products: Maple BBQ, salad dressing, peanut brittle, maple confections, granola