Shaver-Hill Maple Farm

Syrup,cream,sugar,popcorn,jelly,mustard, granulated sugar. Equipment & supplies.

310 Shaver Road
Harpersfield, NY 13786
County: Delaware

Contact Info:

Name: Dwayne Hill, David Hill, Dennis Hill
Phone: (607) 652-6792 or
Facebook: ShaverHillMapleFarm

Will Schedule School or Group Tours

Participates in Farm Market Shows

Participates in Maple Weekend
Pancake Breakfast all 4 days! Horse & wagon rides.

March 18
March 19
March 25
March 26

We will have the evaporator in operation demonstrating how maple syrup is made. There will be tree tapping demonstrations. Join us on a horse drawn wagon ride to the woods to see the sugarbush! There will be samples of our maple products for you to taste.

Pancake Breakfast Dates: March 18, 19, 25, 26 9am-3pm

Pancake Breakfast Menu: All you can eat pancakes and sausage. Also tea, milk, and juice. With Pure maple syrup of course!

Pancake Breakfast Prices: Adults $7 Kids 12 and under $4

Offers the following products:

Maple Syrup

Maple Granulated Sugar

Maple Sugar Shapes

Maple Cream

Maple Cotton

Maple Jelly

Maple Coated Nuts

Maple Mustard

Maple Popcorn

Other Retail Products: Leader Equipment

Bulk and Wholesale Products

Bulk Syrup

Wholesale Maple Syrup

Wholesale Maple Granulated Sugar

Wholesale Maple Sugar Shapes

Wholesale Maple Cream

Wholesale Maple Popcorn

Wholesale Maple Mustard

Wholesale Maple Coated Nuts

Wholesale Maple Jelly

Other Wholesale Products: Leader Equipment