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About Us

The New York State Maple Producers Association (NYSMPA) is a not-for-profit organization composed of the folks who make maple syrup and related maple products throughout New York State. We count more than 500 entrepreneurs among our members, and these are the dedicated “sugarmakers” who take pride in crafting the finest quality maple syrup, sugar, snacks, spreads and maple gift items that make New York State the second largest maple producing state in America.

We are a diverse group of small businesspeople who understand what it means to work hard in the forests, and who take care to practice sustainable woodlot management so that healthy maple trees will yield their sweet sap year after year. That’s the way it has been for hundreds of years, and we all intend for the tasty tradition of maple to continue for hundreds of years more into the future.

It takes more than 40 gallons of maple tree sap to produce one gallon of pure maple syrup. All that we do to make syrup is boil the sap – we don’t add anything, we just concentrate it into that wonderful amber-colored syrup that millions of families have come to love. We make it naturally, and we make it locally all over the State. Chances are there’s a sugarmaker nearby, where just a short drive will allow you to “taste the tradition” for yourself!

Learn More About New York Maple Syrup

In addition to our popular Maple Center at the New York State Fair, we participate in numerous local and regional events statewide to promote maple products and to showcase our craft. Sap gathering is done in late winter, highlighted by “Maple Weekend” in March where the fresh crop becomes a tasty treat offered to thousands of visitors who tour our members’ sugarhouses.

We take pride in New York and its unique environment that allows us to produce one of nature’s most perfect foods. We uphold the tradition of generations who came before us, including Native Americans, who were the first to practice the maple trade.


Come, taste the tradition! Welcome to New York Maple!