Insist on New York Pure Maple

2017 Consignment Invitation: DEADLINE JULY 10 NY

Maple Center at the New York State Fair 2017 State Fair dates: Wednesday August 23 through Monday September 4

The Opportunity:
Association members may consign their maple products to the Association’s retail Maple Center booth at the New York State Fair. In fairness to our many consigners, any member with ownership in more than one business or sugarhouse can consign products from only one line of those multiple businesses. The Association sets the retail prices of all items, keeps 30% of the retail price of all consigned products sold, and also asks each Consigner for work time. Consigners will be paid 70% of the retail price. All unsold product is released to the Consigner at the close of the Fair. This is a cooperative retail operation of the Association. The goal is to sell everyone’s products while encouraging new customers for NY Maple and generating Association revenue. No favoritism or preferential treatment will be given to the products of any one consigner. Consigners may package consigned products in their own private label containers, and when working in the Maple Center, consigners are free to wear their own logo-branded clothing. See below for important details about this opportunity. ​

Download the consignment application for comeplete terms and details.